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A Short Guide to Visit Istanbul

A Short Guide toVisit Istanbul

Ablend of ancient and modern place, Istanbul is a place you will enjoy. Thesights, the metropolis and the culture, will give you a glimpse of the city.So, what is the best time to visit the city? We will here give you answer aboutit. In case you are looking for Cheap Flights Airline Tickets toIstanbul, then try to find them during the off-season. We are sure you willfind low flight deals. However, let’s now see the short guide to Istanbul.

What is the best time to visit Istanbul?

Thisis probably the first question you ask yourself. What would be the best time tovisit it. So, the peak season is from August to September. During this time youwill see a lot of tourists roaming the city. However, during this time, theprice of hotel is likely to rise. But if you are looking for a more comfortablevisit, then get here in autumn or spring. The weather is right, you willoverall experience the best and shiny time of the year. The specific time weare talking about is between from April to May.

How to get around Istanbul

Now,how you will get around in Istanbul. Youwill see the airport is Ataturk International airport for European Shores. ForAsian Travelers, they will likely to land at Sabiha Gokcen InternationalAirport. However, you can take busesfrom Bulgaria and Greece as well. If you are nearby, you can check up forluxury cruise lines as well. The best way to get around in the city is viapublic transport. It is cheapest andconvenient as well. No matter whether you are travelling via metros, ferries,trams or buses, it is going to be reasonable.

What not to miss

Itis probably the only city in the world which spans across two continents. Youcould have breakfast in old Istanbul, which is located in Europe. Then youcould have dinner in Kadikoy, which is located in Asia. The best meals you willfind in the street market. So, enjoy it. In case you are looking for Cheap Flights to Istanbul, make sure to look them in mid-April.

So,this was our short guide to visit Istanbul. We are sure; you will like the cityvery much. You should learn some essential words as well to get it easy tomingle. 

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